Friday, August 3, 2012

Watermelon Day

Well, I haven't posted on here in a LONG time.  I didn't post very much while we lived in Alaska because our internet was not consistent.  You would think I would have plenty to post about living in Alaska, and a few people I knew in our village did have blogs that they kept up.  For me Alaska was not that interesting.  Sorry, Alaska lovers!  We lived there for three years and most of that time I was inside raising my babies.  While motherhood is not boring, the day to day of it can be tedious and who wants to read a blog about doing dishes and laundry?  There was really not much to do in our village and most of the year it is too cold to go outside for long.  There were times when it was -60 and Marlowe and I did not leave the house for five days.  FIVE DAYS!  Can you imagine not even stepping outside your small house with your young toddler for five whole days?  Then when you do get out it is maybe for 15-20 minutes?  Needless to say I feel like we are regaining our humanity.  We can go to the play ground or the beach, we can hang out with friends and family, or just be out in the yard.  Some people really love Alaska, but I kind of hated it.  So, enough about AK!  What I really want to blog about is anything crafty, kid stuff, family, natural living, and learning with my kids!  Crafts and projects are what I love to think and talk about.  I just got this book from the library called Every Day's a Holiday!  It has fun ideas for non traditional holidays like pi day and peanut day.

Well August 3rd is National Watermelon Day She makes a cool watermelon monster which we are going to try.  She suggests using a pumpkin carving tool.  Don't you wish you kept yours after last Halloween?  Here are some cute things you could do with your family.  This watermelon car is adorable and doesn't look too difficult.

Boys would love this:  

This one was making it's way around Pinterest and I LOVE IT:

These two are opposites, summer and winter.  I love the snow man, it would be cute for a Christmas in July party.

The Sand pail is perfect for summer and I love the shovel!

I like making little things like this on ordinary days.  It's not just fun for the kids, but for me too.  Hope you have some watermelon soon!

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