Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Waiting for Spring

Well it seems like signs of Spring are showing up every where BUT IN AKIAK!!!  I talked to my parents today and they said it is going to be 75 in CO tomorrow.  It is 5 degrees here with some wind that makes it feel below zero.  Which is better then neg 20, but 75 sounds pretty nice.  Sometimes I really don't want to hear about the nice weather you are having, or where you are going out to dinner, or the coconut shrimp you are eating with your glass of WINE!  BECAUSE I CAN'T HAVE OR DO ANY OF THOSE THINGS FOR TWO MORE MONTHS!  GAAAHHH!

Spring anyone?

Right about this time of year I think we are a little stir crazy and ready for Summer.
This is Marlowe looking stir crazy.

Jared is on Spring break this week so we are going to do some cleaning and organizing projects.  Like organizing the bookcase of despair and washing out the light fixtures and sorting through clothes.  FENG SHUI here we come!
Dad and Marlowe being productive snow fort makers.


  1. I'm sorry! I hope that I get to see you in few months though and maybe we can have a glass of wine together!

  2. Marlowe is my spiring. But we are still waiting. 3 degrees today.