Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It gets pretty cold in Akiak.  I think the coldest it got last year was around -40.  During January in the Kuskoquim 300, (which is a sled dog race,)  it was in the -40's and some parts of the race it was -60 with wind chill.  Some of the dog racers got frost bite on their eyes! 
Pretty consistently December through March it was in the -20s with the wind chill.  When I lived in Chicago I HATED the cold which is one of the reasons I wanted to move to Washington where the weather is milder. Kind of ironic that I live in Alaska now.  Actually -20 doesn't feel that bad if you have the proper gear.  We always wear snow pants and parkas and face masks.  If you have those things, especially the snow pants, it doesn't feel that bad.  Now if I was out there in jeans and a peacoat like I was in Chicago I would be freezing my rear off.
When it is really cold Marlowe stays in side my coat, (he's the bulge in there.)
This is the Kuskoquim River which becomes the ice road:
When it isn't too cold Marlowe rides in his Alaskan stroller:


When most people think of Alaska they think of mountains and glaciers and jumping Orca whales and bears and moose.  In Akiak there are moose and bears and foxes around, but you never really see them, mostly because they get scared off by all the dogs and vehicle noise.  So Akiak is no wildlife paradise, it is more like dogville.  It is no great life for dogs though, I think Sparty is probably the oldest dog in the village.
Alaska dog treat:

There are a few people in our village who race sled dogs competitively.  Sled dogs aren't really used for travel, but there is money to be made in the sport.
When there is not snow, they train the sled dogs by hooking them up to a four wheeler and having them drag it.
Many of the teachers have adopted village dogs.  It is a bit risky since the nearest vet is in Bethel and is only there once a month.  Some of the dogs get parvo and die as puppies.  It is illegal to have your dog untied, but many are loose, and there have been a few round-ups where all the loose dogs are shot.  Jared and I had the misfortune to come across a pile of dead dogs at the dump.  It was especially sad since I had names for all the little strays around and we would give them treats.  Now I know not to get attached to the loose dogs.
Sparty at the beach with Alvin.  A dog party in front of our house.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Akiak entertainment.

Many people as us what there is to do in Akiak.  Not much.  There is not really anywhere to go or anything to do.  So entertainment is of your own making.  Places to go in Akiak:
The Post Office:
The Clinic:

The Store:
The School:
The River:
Somebodies house to hang out:

Back in blog land

So, blogging does not work in Akiak because I have to use the internet at the school and it doesn't allow me to blog.  Hopefully this will be remedied next year.  I'll try and catch you up on some things this summer.  Here are some pics of flying in to Akiak at different times of the year.  I think the summer is the most beautiful but I only have pictures of Fall, Winter and Spring.  This is Springtime:

You can see what the river looks like breaking up.  Here we are getting ready to leave, Marlowe goes
inside my coat because it gets chilly.

Here is the tundra in fall and winter from the air: