Thursday, May 7, 2009

A family of socks

So the last time Jared's Grandma was in town she bought us some lovely sock yarn and
this book:

It has basic patterns for making socks using any size yarn and any size needles. So Jared made me the turquoise socks and I made him the stripey ones.

Then Ruthie gave me the idea I should make some baby socks. I think baby socks make more sense then baby booties because they will stay on better. Jared thinks the baby socks look too big and weirdly shaped, but regardles of how they look I think they will stay on because of the ribbing. I am going to try again on the baby socks with a different pattern and weight of yarn.

I used a worsted weight because I wanted them to knit up fast, which they did. I think it is a good way to use up leftover sock yarn, so the next project is baby socks made with leftover yarn!
p.s: I need help getting my links to work, so any bloggers out there give me the 411. I followed the help instructions but they still don't work so I just posted the address. Lame.

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